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BB Butts Diapers are high quality cloth diapers for families who want the conveniences of modern disposables styling and a comfortable baby while being earth friendly.

BB Butts is owned by Michelle, a SAHM to three aged 18, 7 and 4. I have used cloth diapers (in varying degrees) with each of my children. The cloth of today is not the cloth I was in as a child, nor my oldest son for that matter!

While researching what was currently available for my newest (I have no stores carrying cloth of ANY kind within 100 km of me), I became inspired to make my own. Simply put, I LOVED it. Every aspect, from pattern development to fabric selection was a joy. I was proud to be able to make my son a great selection of ultra cute trim diapers and decided to share my new abilities with families who may not have the time, resources or ability to sew their own cloth diapers. Time should be no barrier to choice, and I wanted families to have choice to use cloth and be environmentally friendly.

Have a look through the site to see the products available and make your orders. BB Butts Diapers does do custom orders from the fabrics it has available. Please see the fabric gallery for selections.

Please feel free to leave your comments or feedback on the contact page. BB Butts Diapers values it's customers comments and strives to meet the needs of it's customers. I am very proud to have developed a Canadian company. Based in Vanderhoof, in Northern British Columbia, BB Butts utilizes Canadian suppliers, manufacturers and business supports where ever possible.

Here is a snapshot of some of our currently listed items on Etsy. MUCH more can be found by navigating the side bar here on the page.

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